4:1 - High Temp:Tough mix


Peopoly suggested I could get tougher but also more head resistant results with a mix of 4:1 NEX (high temp) and Tough combined. But I can’t seem to figure out what settings to use with this mix to get things to print in distorted…

I just don’t recognize what the issue is…

Lowered the laser power to 51 on the ring and ran this tiny post at 40 microns and still get these strange deformations on the support side.
(PDMS with heater)



Here are my settings.




It looks strange… even has what looks like tiny pits in some areas? What am I seeing…



i used a 50/50 mix and used 52 power with no issues. are you using PDMS or FEP? im using FEP. things to check, check the bottom of the vat you are using for any smudges. if PDMS check for cloudyness. if fep check for smudges under the fep film and ontop of the acrylic. also check for dust and or smudges on the laser acrylic protector and dust on the mirrors. if any dust on the mirrors use a camera lens duster. you may have to shim your vat as well to eliminate any possible shifting of the vat. you can use painters tape to make it tighter when you insert the vat.



This was at 51, I started a 53 this morning to see how that does…
The vat seems tight, I always insert it and make sure it feels clicked into place good.
Did a quick check of the protective cover the other day and it looked good. I’ll have to open the side to check the mirrors better.



One thing about any kind of “tough” resin (impact resistant type), is that there will be flexibility in the final prints. This applies to any mixture with tough resins. This means you would neeed thicker support tips or even different support/orientation strategy. Perhaps that is where the issue is. 51 is also on the low side since tough is around 53-54

here is wiki on tough resin



53 didn’t seem to make much difference. It looks strange. But also maybe the Tough makes 40 μm is also not an option…



running a laser 54 test while I’m at work. We will see what I get this evening!



I even did a 58 and it’s no better…



try out chitubox and use their supports but change the support tips to spheres its what i use and i dont get any of that kind of sag. make sure you adjust your supports like in asura in terms of thickness. also use islands instead of rafts saves on resin



I use chiTuBox.
I ended up modeling in a support on one end that was super beefy.
It’s still not able to print the tiny .5mm ledges flat…

I’m going to have to play with just regular high temp I think, in order to get that detail right.



If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it’s stretching like taffy as it peels each layer… that’s really bizarre o_O Maybe under curing? NEX resins use a high laser power, and I had better results with Blu+NEX using the NEX laser settings. It’s a thought anyway, though I can’t promise it’ll be helpful :\



Yeah it is all saggy or stretched.
NEX (high temp) are what 51-53 laser? Same as Tough. I ran it up to 58 without improvement.

My mix isn’t working for smaller things that’s for sure.
I’m likely going to try Just the grey next and see what it does alone. I got some good bigger prints out of Tough.



Make any progress on your mix for smaller prints? I don’t have any specific suggestions, but I too was interested in mixing tough and using it for giving more strength to very small parts. When I get my tough in I’ll be doing the same experimentation.



The last photo is the best I got.
I haven’t had time to experiment further…

Frustrated and disappointed…