35cm tall Human ecorche print - Moai 200 and 130

This model was purchased from 3DScanstore, however it was not 3D printable and in many pieces with internal skeleton etc.

I spent about a week engineering the model for printing and put it on the Moai 200 and Moai 130.

One thing I will remember for the future is round bases like this is best printed on its own without other parts on the plate, this gives the best result / accuracy.


heres the youtube video. the Moai 200 firing the last of its lasers at the feet was fun to catch on film.


supports were done in Chitubox.


Great video sequence!

Immediately I remembered the creation of Adam from the ceiling fresco by the painter Michelangelo Buonarroti in the Sistine Chapel, where God the Father breathes life to Adam.

Is 3D printing a bit like playing God?


digital 0s and 1s into real tangible phyiscal things, Iā€™d say its MAGIC! :slight_smile:
thank you for nice comment.

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