1:1 carnage bust spectacular

This is another client who likes large prints. This was completely printed on the Peopoly Phenom L with no issues. The quality is excellent with not ha big to do almost no sanding. One thing I really like about the machine is the print quality. Of course there are other factors to get right. I am at the point where I almost never have to sand any parts. Which as we all know sucks. I just received my Phrozen Sonic mighty 8k and I’m all honesty I prefer my Phenom. I am really hoping to start a relationship with them in reviewing their products. I ha e so many people here in Colombia thy want in on resin printing. Very huge untapped market here. Enjoy the pic

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This is an amazing print, David. Great work!

My prints are getting bigger and bolder but nothing yet on this scale. An issue I’m having is the print sticking to the FEP as each layer is zapped. That’s okay but it does warp flat pieces like this a bit. This piece is about 12" high. Putting it out to the Peopoly-verse for suggestions

My advice would be don’t use rafts and I use WD40 on the FEP Sheet it helped a lot making the prints to stick to the build plate alternatively you could sand the build plate to add texture to it for a better grip.

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I agree stay away from rafts. They cause more issues than their worth. Also I have found two strategically put heavy supports in areas I think it will need. I have the Phenom L and I have found that 56 degrees is my perfect angle. I get no lines and almost perfect prints every time

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The 56 degrees angle sounds very interresting I am going to try that, thanks for the tip.

This works for me:
Print flat on the build plate if you can and turn on antialiasing on (4). I don’t see lines. …and if you do, try experimenting with blurring.

I made a typo mistake my angle is 22.5